Terms and conditions of ASAPay Online

An alternative solution for sole traders and small businesses

ASAPay is a platform which allows sole traders and small businesses to create their own webpage and collect credit/debit card payments quickly and easily.

What you get:

  • Single webpage design

  • Website address in the form of asapay.co.uk/pay/yourbusinessname

  • Text description of your business and services provided, and include keywords for Google search

  • upload your logo

  • Links to social media accounts

  • Add a customer testimonial

  • Your chosen contact details

  • Integrated payment gateway


Account holders must be resident in the UK, be aged 18+ and have a UK bank account.

Payments are processed with Stripe, you will be required to create a free Stripe account to enable payment processing. https://stripe.com/gb/legal


Payment of £9.99 for our service is payable by credit/debit card and begins 30 days after the free trial period, and will continue on the same day each month until termination of your account. Transaction fees are charged separately (details below).

Termination of service

There is no contract with our service and you can cancel at any time.

Transaction fees

Transactions are processed with Stripe, fees are:

1.4% + 20p for European cards

2.9% + 20p for non-European cards

These are correct as of 10/04/2018, for further details https://stripe.com/gb/pricing

Black Friday Deals

Our Black Friday Deal of 12 months for half price is £59.94 and payable in one payment, you will be automatically switched to the standard rate of £9.99 per month at the end of the 12 month period after sign up. You can cancel at any time.

Black Friday Deals are not eligible for the 1 month free trial.

About our service

ASAPay Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales, company registration number 11382736.

Registered office address: 4 Brewery Place, Leeds LS10 1NE

We can be contacted by email: hello@asapay.co.uk