We solve your problem of doing business with people who never carry cash!


Accepting card payments is now essential for your business!

Our customers save on average up to 50%

Whether you are taking card payments for the first time or you’ve been taking them for a long time, at ASAPay we have a solution to suit your needs.

However big or small your business is, we tailor our offer to provide you with the ideal payment options for you. We work with major suppliers to local family run suppliers to make sure we can offer you the widest choice and the best price every time.

With our carefully selected network we cover most of the UK with a wide range of options for your business.

Which Solution is best for me?


We provide all kinds of card machines. From fixed, wireless to mobile handsets, we can provide you with the solution that suits you.

If you are taking card payments for the first time we can help you find the terminal that fits your requirements and is most cost effective for you. If you already have card terminals we review your current rates and find you a deal to save you money. And best of all we don’t charge you for our assessment!


From end to end management POS systems for salons, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs and shops to portable flexible solutions for small and mobile businesses.

We supply Clover Flex, Clover Mini, Restaurant Express, Retail Express, Bar Buddy Express and Trades Tool, to name just a few!



Ideal for taking payments over the phone. No extra hardware or software needed. Processed via any Internet browser. Multiple users can use one virtual terminal at the same time to process several transactions at the same time. Monitor your transactions and sales in real-time, search payment history, check payment status, extract reports real-time.

Modify the configuration of your account 24 hours a day! from any computer.


A Payment Gateway is a safe way to take payments on your website.

It is a merchant service that authorises credit or debit card payments for an online retailer. It is the online equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal.

If you are intending to sell goods or services online, a Payment Gateway is a must.

It is estimated that over 2 Billion people will buy goods online this year. In the UK 18% of retail transactions will be online.



For businesses and individuals who take payments face to face but infrequently, a card reader may be your ideal solution. ASAPay has a partnership with iZettle to offer you a no-contract card reader so you can start taking payments within a matter of days!

With a free app, a secure card reader and great analytics, iZettle helps you make and keep track of all your sales. The reader connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet.

Sign up below and ASAPay customers get the new iZettle Reader 2 for less than half price at just £25 + VAT (regular price £59+VAT).


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