ASAPay at York Women Mean Business Expo 2018


We had a fantastic time this weekend showcasing our offering at the York Women Mean Business Expo 2018 at Park Inn Hotel, North Street York. Around 100 women from the York area were exhibiting at the event not to mention the hundreds of members of the public who visited too.

It was a fantastic opportunity for our Founder Lorraine Wilson to get out there and show the people of York what ASAPay is all about and how it can help other businesses.

Lorraine said: “I’ve had a fantastic day! It really has been wonderful to meet with other female business owners and see what amazing things are happening in the city. The expo has given me the opportunity to learn about other businesses in the area and find ways to support each other. I can’t wait to do it again next year!”

As a result of the YWMB Expo we helped several small businesses to set up payment options for their businesses and Lorraine was asked to speak at a variety of business events in order to educate other business owners on the importance of taking a variety of payment methods.

The event was featured on local TV channel That’s York TV and in an article in York Press.

Lorraine Wilson