Tradespeople inspire York woman to set up unique online payment service for small businesses

lorraine and charlotte

Our back story is very interesting, it’s inception is detailed below in a press release sent out in September 2018.

A woman from York has launched a new online payment service for small businesses and sole traders following inspiration from York tradespeople.

Busy mum of three Lorraine, 37 has come up with a solution for households who never keep cash in the house and to make it easier for small businesses to collect payment for the services they provide. Lorraine was regularly caught out when her wheelie bin cleaner and window cleaner came to take payment for their services and she didn’t have cash available.

The business ASAPay Ltd launched in York in September and is offering businesses the chance to trial it first for free.

Lorraine said: “I never keep cash in the house, so I always dreaded it when my bin cleaner or window cleaner knocked on the door to collect payment, and I’d forgotten again to withdraw some cash to pay them.  The idea for ASAPay just came to me after I’d sent my window cleaner away unpaid for the third time that month.”

As well as bin cleaners and window cleaners, ASAPay Ltd has a variety of York businesses who have signed up to the service, including mobile hairdressers, domestic cleaners, joiners, driving instructors, dog walkers and gardeners.

Charlotte Drummond a gardener in York said “it’s a great idea! I have been asked by lots of my customers If they could pay by card without having to get the cash out ready for me. ASAPay has saved me a lot of time collecting and banking payments which has now freed me up to take on extra work.”

Lorraine is offering 30-day free trial to business owners who sign up to ASAPay.

Lorraine Wilson